(NE)LA Stories: Interviews with Community Members of Northeast Los Angeles

Introduction to (NE)LA Stories

What is (NE)LA Stories?

(NE)LA Stories engages with community members who have lived and shaped the local cultural landscape of Los Angeles from the second half of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first, with a particular focus on the distinctive community of Northeast Los Angeles. Our methodology is to have Occidental College students meet with and interview community members to collect their oral history stories of everyday life, culture, work, and political activity in Los Angeles.

This project is an important part of a sustained effort by the Institute for the Study of Los Angeles (ISLA); Oxy Arts; and Occidental Library, Special Collections and Archives to document this region's rich history through personal interviews of its inhabitants and cultural contributors.

This Scalar interactive digital exhibit of the interviews was produced by Oxy’s Center for Digital Liberal Arts (CDLA). Complete transcripts, photographs, and other materials are all freely available and viewable on smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Phase One: Spring 2019

Phase Two: Fall 2019

Oral History Methodology

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The image on the home page shows Andy Ledesma restoring the "Tenochtitlan" mural with the Quetzalcoatl Mural Project.

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