Walking Through Glass: An Entryway Exhibit Space for the Oxy Community

Waruguru Waithira; Orimwe

Storytelling is an ancient art form rooted deep in African culture. With the use of musical instruments, masks and costumes, elders in the past edified younger generations on morals and history. After the introduction of Primary schools during the colonial era, the tradition of storytelling slowly came to an end. My art work takes a critical view, exploring the rich history of Kenya before and after the colonial administration by the British. I paint stories that highlight happiness, war and revolutions against colonial administrations that are explicitly based on African perspectives. My paintings explore how the Kikuyu (Mau Mau) tribe of Kenya resisted forced separation of Kikuyu men and women; among the many hardships endured during British occupation during World War II, as well as highlighting the beauty of woman empowerment.

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