Walking Through Glass: An Entryway Exhibit Space for the Oxy Community

The BODY show - preview

Oxy Arts Initiate! recipients Maria Hernandez '19 and Mariel Guido '18 present "the BODY show" to showcase bodies that have been forced into the shadows of society. Those bodies that exist outside the realm of what is conventionally considered beautiful or desired. Those bodies exist as, but are not limited to, QUEER, TRANS, GENDER NON CONFORMING, FAT, BROWN, BLACK and DIFFERENTLY ABLED folk. The BODY show embraces not only bodies that have traditionally not been seen as beautiful, but parts of our bodies that we have been told to hide, get rid of, or improve; strength marks, acne, cellulite, crooked teeth, bodyhair. The purpose of this show is to bring these bodies out of the shadows and celebrate, affirm and validate their existence. In making space for these bodies to be visible we hope to capture part of their stories. We want to center the bodies’ of folks that feel they do not fit the conventional standards of beauty as a means to claim space, deconstruct ideals of beauty and create a catalyst for all bodies to come out of the shadows.

"the BODY show" will encompass a photo exhibit that will be showcased on the Occidental campus on April 20th during "the BODY show" program which begins at 6:30pm. At 6:30pm the BODY show will begin by a presentation by Gloria Lucas titled, “ Eating Disorders and Body Love, The Things Mama Didn’t Tell You.” Gloria Lucas is the creator of the Nalgona Positivity Pride project which creates spaces to decolonize beauty. After the presentation, a reception will follow for attendees to view the photographs.

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