Walking Through Glass: An Entryway Exhibit Space for the Oxy Community

Skin and Bones

"Tension II is a piece that speaks from deep within me. In the transgender community, there is a term, Dysphoria, which in its Greek roots means “hard to bear.” Dysphoria describes the sense that you are in the wrong body, and the immense pain that comes along with that. I created Tension II in order to try and visualize this terrible sensation from my own experience; the figure is steel, her skin a rough, hammered, and rusty texture, unlike the smooth and soft surface that she desires. I have a feeling often when I put on an elegant dress or blouse, that the clothing is but an imperfect cover for the masculine figure within, and I aimed to capture that using the contrast of the traditionally effeminate bridal lace with the masculine roughly welded steel." - August Barringer

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