Walking Through Glass: An Entryway Exhibit Space for the Oxy Community

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15minutes for Nov 15th presentation


  • present the actual project on indigenous rights in chiapas
  • Indigenous Liberation/Indigenous autonomy as the theme that ties all of our projects together 
  • talking about the change in projects 
  • what my project contributes, why and how i came to it
  • what is a methodology: your research methodology (how medios libres critiquing neoliberalism and fighting against them)
  • Digital Activism: primary sources 
  • offer a big idea that supports the claim with a really good example that illustrates this point 


Otro mundos

  • in digital activism
  • in hospital san carlos
  • in oventic





  • non-herachical
  • ANTI-CAPITALISM in their digital activism
  • look at your essay
  • performance of transnational solidarity networks/movements
  • La Sexta: what transnational solidarity looks like for the Zapatistas


health autonomy in Zapatista communities through the work to preserve indigenous midwifery 


  • Zapatista autonomy requires women leadership
  • the fight for indigenous midwifery directly shaping the future of indigenous autonomy 
  • cultural preservation visavis external pressures

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