Walking Through Glass: An Entryway Exhibit Space for the Oxy Community

REACH Restorative Justice Exhibit

REACH Restorative Justice Exhibit was created to help inform tribal communities about trauma, our interconnectedness, and restorative justice - a philosophy, process, and practice rooted in indigenous cultural values. The exhibit describes what restorative justice is and displays images of original artwork painted by a Native prisoner and artist, which helps illustrate and personalize the message. Each panel has a guiding phrase or definition such as RESTORE: To bring back, return to a former condition. To repair. The original art medium is acrylic paint on discarded bed sheets. The artwork is donated by an inmate who participates in REACH's peace and healing circles offered in Maine prisons. The exhibit is intentionally large (consisting of 4 double-sided panels on banner stands) to draw attention to the enormity of the problem hiding in plain sight. As stated by a tribal Elder, "We don't want to make our people criminals anymore."

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