Primary Inquiry at Occidental: A Co-Lab for Information Literacy

Part One: Catching a Thief on the Fly

In this web-based lesson you will explore audio storytelling in a podcast episode #654 "The Feather Heist," of American Public Radio's This American LifeIt tells the true story about a crime committed by a prodigy fishing fly maker and aspiring floutist, the theft of rare bird specimens from a British museum, in order to buy a golden flute. 

Learning Goals.

Online Materials

  1. Listen to "The Feather Heist" podcast episode in its entirety (@1 hour). Transcript is here, for reference.
  2. Review the following two brief moments from Acts 3 and 5 and consider, for discussion, the following questions:
In Act 5, the narrator describes many false moves on the part of the Tring Museum and police.

Special Event: "Talking Books"

Come meet the sleuth Kirk W. Johnson whose story is narrated in the podcast above. He will be at Oxy in the flesh for a "Talking Books" reading and book signing event in the Academic Commons in early October (date and time TBA). Copies of his recent publication The Feather Thief  will be available for purchase. If you get him to sign your copy, it will become more valuable!

"Talking Books"The Feather Thief: Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century (2018), by Kirk W. Johnson.

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